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The only marketplace with the 'Bid to Earn' GBM auction

If you place a bid in an auction on myNFT and someone outbids you, you get your bid back, plus a share from the pot called an incentive.

GBM™ turns any auction on myNFT into a great experience where you either win the item or you make money.

World-class design

myNFT puts the customer experience first to make NFTs accessible to all. Whether you’re exploring new collections or trading your favourites, myNFT is the platform that puts the power back in your hands.

About us

Built by industry veterans

myNFT is built by the creators of Ethereum-based charitable NFT publisher and auction house Cryptograph. The team is also the recipient of grants from the Web3 Foundation and the Moonbeam Foundation for their work on the decentralised internet, which powers myNFT.

Partners and Investors

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